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Return Policy

If the goods are sent incorrectly or there are defects in the delivery process, we will provide you with the service of return and exchange

1.After you receive the goods, please confirm the goods you ordered as soon as possible. If there are damages, scratches, or incomplete packaging caused by non-human factors:

A.If the product is defective due to the delivery process, please directly report to the delivery staff, and be sure to take photos for evidence to protect your rights.

B.Please contact our customer service staff immediately, we will conduct the product defect or damage identification, and replace the product as soon as possible.If there is no immediate response within 7 days, we will not accept the return. 

C.We b products may use different brand screens and different resolutions, resulting in slightly different colors of pictures. Please refer to the actual product color, which cannot be regarded as a defect.

2.Enjoy the product appreciation period for seven days, starting from the day you receive the product. If you need to handle the return and exchange, please contact us by Email within seven days on the basis of the receipt date or postmark.

3.Return method :

The goods that you want to return must keep the original appearance of the goods at the time of delivery (including goods/accessories/manuals/guarantees/packing boxes/shipments... etc.), properly packaged and then sent back to our customer service staff designated by express or courier Piece location.

         *For product returns, the customer must bear the freight required for delivery and return. The amount (70*2=140) will be deducted from the return amount.
         * If the product cannot be returned or exchanged after use, if the return or exchange is still required, the refurbishment fee will be deducted (10% of the market price)

4.Exchange method:

If the goods you receive are defective or damaged, please notify us immediately,and send the goods back to us as soon as possible, we will immediately handle the return or refund for you.

◎ The goods to be exchanged must keep the original appearance of the goods at the time of delivery (including goods / accessories / instructions / guarantees /packing boxes / shipment orders, etc.), properly package them  and send them back to our customer service staff by courier or home delivery receiving location.


5.Additional terms :

If the product has been opened but there is no defect or damage. No return or exchange service is accepted.

If the product is ordered incorrectly due to the negligence in the personal order,we will not accept the return or exchange service.

If it is a special promotion product, no return or exchange service will be accepted.

Some of our products are put on shelves in small or limited quantities.In the event that multiple consumers purchase the product at the same time, but our company has no stock or only one , we retain the priority rights to the netizen who placed the order first. Please understand.